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Maybach eyewear


The ultimate luxury eyewear collection

The ultimate luxury eyewear collection, handmade of rare and precious materials, that reflects the legendary image of the brand, symbol of success and achievement.

Our sun and optical glasses are crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. Every component is designed, developed and produced in-house to the most exacting standards.

MAYBACH has created a limited collection that is literally jewelry for the eyes. Painstakingly wrought by hand, these unique masterpieces are enhanced by the most luxurious and precious materials that the eyewear lover`s world can provide. View Maybach eyewear for sale online or at our two Scottsdale locations.

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Product type
Product type
Maybach Ace I CHG-AAMaybach Ace I CHG-AA
Maybach Ace I CHG-AA Sale price$1,845.00
Maybach Ambassador GHEZ27Maybach Ambassador GHEZ27
Maybach Ambassador GHEZ27 Sale price$2,250.00
Maybach Art Master I PWBHMaybach Art Master I PWBH
Maybach Art Master I PWBH Sale price$2,160.00
Maybach Artist III GHASMaybach Artist III GHAS
Maybach Artist III GHAS Sale price$2,160.00
Maybach Artist III GWBVMaybach Artist III GWBV
Maybach Artist III GWBV Sale price$2,375.00
Maybach Artist III GWCFMaybach Artist III GWCF
Maybach Artist III GWCF Sale price$2,160.00
Maybach Artist III GWZMaybach Artist III GWZ
Maybach Artist III GWZ Sale price$2,160.00
Maybach Artist III PWCVMaybach Artist III PWCV
Maybach Artist III PWCV Sale price$2,160.00
Maybach Artist III PWSMaybach Artist III PWS
Maybach Artist III PWS Sale price$2,160.00
Maybach Artist III RGWBZMaybach Artist III RGWBZ
Maybach Artist III RGWBZ Sale price$2,160.00
Maybach Artist III SunMaybach Artist III Sun
Maybach Artist III Sun Sale price$2,570.00
Maybach Artist III SunMaybach Artist III Sun
Maybach Artist III Sun Sale price$2,570.00
Maybach Artist IX PAASMaybach Artist IX PAAS
Maybach Artist IX PAAS Sale price$1,250.00
Maybach Artist IX RGABMaybach Artist IX RGAB
Maybach Artist IX RGAB Sale price$1,190.00
Maybach Artist SunMaybach Artist Sun
Maybach Artist Sun Sale price$2,350.00
Maybach Artist XII
Maybach Artist XII Sale price$2,295.00
Maybach Boss IMaybach Boss I
Maybach Boss I Sale price$2,090.00
Maybach Brave I CHG
Maybach Brave I CHG Sale price$2,450.00
Maybach Captain IMaybach Captain I
Maybach Captain I Sale price$2,580.00
Maybach Chaffeur IIMaybach Chaffeur II
Maybach Chaffeur II Sale price$2,470.00
Maybach Character II MG-HAWMaybach Character II MG-HAW
Maybach Character II MG-HAW Sale price$2,470.00
Maybach Chief CHG-BZMaybach Chief CHG-BZ
Maybach Chief CHG-BZ Sale price$1,450.00
Maybach Chief CHG-CHGMaybach Chief CHG-CHG
Maybach Chief CHG-CHG Sale price$1,450.00
Maybach Chief PA-PAMaybach Chief PA-PA
Maybach Chief PA-PA Sale price$1,450.00
Maybach Chief RG-RGMaybach Chief RG-RG
Maybach Chief RG-RG Sale price$1,450.00
Maybach Hedonist VII REEHARZ25
Maybach Hedonist VII REEHARZ25 Sale price$1,850.00
Maybach King II G-HAWMaybach King II G-HAW
Maybach King II G-HAW Sale price$2,630.00
Maybach Kohinoor PA-RGJ AAKMaybach Kohinoor PA-RGJ AAK
Maybach Kohinoor PA-RGJ AAK Sale price$4,680.00
Maybach Lineart RBWA1Z22Maybach Lineart RBWA1Z22
Maybach Lineart RBWA1Z22 Sale price$1,995.00
Maybach Magic I PA-WDF-M10Maybach Magic I PA-WDF-M10
Maybach Magic I PA-WDF-M10 Sale price$2,620.00
Maybach Maharaja II PA-RGMaybach Maharaja II PA-RG
Maybach Maharaja II PA-RG Sale price$1,670.00
Maybach MC I CHGAAZ54Maybach MC I CHGAAZ54
Maybach MC I CHGAAZ54 Sale price$1,850.00
Maybach Metropolitan I PABZ26Maybach Metropolitan I PABZ26
Maybach Observer I BC-HAWMaybach Observer I BC-HAW
Maybach Observer I BC-HAW Sale price$2,390.00
Maybach Observer I P-WIMaybach Observer I P-WI
Maybach Observer I P-WI Sale price$2,390.00
Maybach Observer IIMaybach Observer II
Maybach Observer II Sale price$2,390.00
Maybach Opus I RHAABZ26Maybach Opus I RHAABZ26
Maybach Opus I RHAABZ26 Sale price$950.00
Maybach Opus III PHABMaybach Opus III PHAB
Maybach Opus III PHAB Sale price$1,990.00
Maybach Player I BIPWMaybach Player I BIPW
Maybach Player I BIPW Sale price$1,845.00
Maybach Player II CHGZ25Maybach Player II CHGZ25
Maybach Player II CHGZ25 Sale price$1,450.00
Maybach Player II PBZ35Maybach Player II PBZ35
Maybach Player II PBZ35 Sale price$1,450.00
Maybach Presenter IMaybach Presenter I
Maybach Presenter I Sale price$1,525.00
Maybach President I BM-WCXMaybach President I BM-WCX
Maybach President I BM-WCX Sale price$2,850.00
Maybach Revolution I RGHF
Maybach Revolution I RGHF Sale price$1,450.00