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Gucci eyewear


The latest range of sunglasses and optical frames embodies Gucci's signature designs.

The latest range of sunglasses and optical frames embodies Gucci's signature designs. Drawing inspiration from the archive of the House, the eyewear collection combines emblematic codes with new details in an unexpected selection of shapes and styles.

From cat-eye and heart frames to bold geometric designs, Gucci's selection of sunglasses for women are a creative departure from classic shapes. Gucci's line of men's sunglasses features a range of styles from classic aviators to bold rectangular frames in metal or acetate with a wide range of silhouettes.

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Product type
Gucci GG0009S 001 SQ
Gucci GG0009S 001 SQ Sale price$300.00
Gucci GG0010S 001 SQ
Gucci GG0010S 001 SQ Sale price$390.00
Gucci GG0036S-001 WF
Gucci GG0036S-001 WF Sale price$390.00
Gucci GG0062S 003 WF
Gucci GG0062S 003 WF Sale price$520.00
Gucci GG0419SA 001 SQGucci GG0419SA 001 SQ
Gucci GG0419SA 001 SQ Sale price$450.00
Gucci GG0421O 001 SQ
Gucci GG0421O 001 SQ Sale price$495.00
Gucci GG0476O 009 SQ
Gucci GG0476O 009 SQ Sale price$390.00
Gucci GG0526O 002 SQ
Gucci GG0526O 002 SQ Sale price$435.00
Gucci GG0561O 003 WF Sale price$390.00
Gucci GG0564S 001 SQ
Gucci GG0564S 001 SQ Sale price$375.00
Gucci GG0566O 001 SQ
Gucci GG0566O 001 SQ Sale price$390.00
Gucci GG0631S 001 SQ
Gucci GG0631S 001 SQ Sale price$285.00
Gucci GG0632S 002 SQ
Gucci GG0632S 002 SQ Sale price$285.00
Gucci GG0637SK 001 WF
Gucci GG0637SK 001 WF Sale price$285.00
Gucci GG0637SK 002 WF
Gucci GG0637SK 002 WF Sale price$285.00
Gucci GG0650SK 001 WF
Gucci GG0650SK 001 WF Sale price$505.00
Gucci GG0676O 001
Gucci GG0676O 001 Sale price$480.00
Gucci GG0692O 001
Gucci GG0692O 001 Sale price$390.00
Gucci GG0695SA 001
Gucci GG0695SA 001 Sale price$375.00
Gucci GG0695SA 003
Gucci GG0695SA 003 Sale price$435.00
Gucci GG0698OA 001
Gucci GG0698OA 001 Sale price$405.00
Gucci GG0715SA 003
Gucci GG0715SA 003 Sale price$375.00
Gucci GG0724S 005
Gucci GG0724S 005 Sale price$855.00
Gucci GG0727S 002
Gucci GG0727S 002 Sale price$855.00
Gucci GG0730O 007
Gucci GG0730O 007 Sale price$495.00
Gucci GG0746S 001
Gucci GG0746S 001 Sale price$285.00
Gucci GG0746S 003
Gucci GG0746S 003 Sale price$285.00
Gucci GG0746S 005
Gucci GG0746S 005 Sale price$340.00
Gucci GG0748S 002
Gucci GG0748S 002 Sale price$285.00
Gucci GG0762S 001
Gucci GG0762S 001 Sale price$275.00
Gucci GG0762S 002
Gucci GG0762S 002 Sale price$275.00
Gucci GG0762S 003
Gucci GG0762S 003 Sale price$275.00
Gucci GG0763S 001
Gucci GG0763S 001 Sale price$285.00
Gucci GG0763S 002
Gucci GG0763S 002 Sale price$285.00
Gucci GG0763S 003
Gucci GG0763S 003 Sale price$285.00
Gucci GG0763S 005
Gucci GG0763S 005 Sale price$340.00
Gucci GG0765SA 001
Gucci GG0765SA 001 Sale price$275.00
Gucci GG0770SA 001
Gucci GG0770SA 001 Sale price$275.00
Gucci GG0770SA 003
Gucci GG0770SA 003 Sale price$275.00
Gucci GG0780S 007
Gucci GG0780S 007 Sale price$1,230.00
Gucci GG0792O 001
Gucci GG0792O 001 Sale price$375.00
Gucci GG0792O 003
Gucci GG0792O 003 Sale price$375.00
Gucci GG0796S 003
Gucci GG0796S 003 Sale price$390.00
Gucci GG0797S-001
Gucci GG0797S-001 Sale price$390.00
Gucci GG0797S-002
Gucci GG0797S-002 Sale price$390.00
Gucci GG0798O 003
Gucci GG0798O 003 Sale price$390.00
Gucci GG0821S 001
Gucci GG0821S 001 Sale price$505.00
Gucci GG0833O 001
Gucci GG0833O 001 Sale price$520.00