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Lafont eyewear


Superb Parisian eyewear with over ninety years of experience

Lafont is full of color and Parisian style. Signature colors and patterns are combined with seasonal shading forming unique and exclusive designs. Evidence of the authenticity of French eyewear expertise and French manufacturing found in the unique combination of artisanal craftsmanship and technology that is fundamental to the House.

One passion guides our collections: a beautiful product made with care and attention to detail. Handmade in France.

View Lafont eyeglasses and sunglasses for sale online or at our two Scottsdale locations.

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Product type
Product type
Lafont Edifice 6080Lafont Edifice 6080
Lafont Edifice 6080 Sale price$425.00
Lafont Edifice 675Lafont Edifice 675
Lafont Edifice 675 Sale price$425.00
Lafont Edifice 7108Lafont Edifice 7108
Lafont Edifice 7108 Sale price$425.00
Lafont Emeraude 1040Lafont Emeraude 1040
Lafont Emeraude 1040 Sale price$425.00
Lafont Emeraude 3127Lafont Emeraude 3127
Lafont Emeraude 3127 Sale price$425.00
Lafont Emeraude 380Lafont Emeraude 380
Lafont Emeraude 380 Sale price$425.00
Lafont Emotion 380Lafont Emotion 380
Lafont Emotion 380 Sale price$425.00
Lafont Emotion 6073Lafont Emotion 6073
Lafont Emotion 6073 Sale price$425.00
Lafont Envie 380Lafont Envie 380
Lafont Envie 380 Sale price$495.00
Lafont Estampe 5080Lafont Estampe 5080
Lafont Estampe 5080 Sale price$425.00
Lafont Fado 1503Lafont Fado 1503
Lafont Fado 1503 Sale price$495.00
Lafont Fado 6504Lafont Fado 6504
Lafont Fado 6504 Sale price$495.00
Lafont Fado 7505Lafont Fado 7505
Lafont Fado 7505 Sale price$495.00
Lafont Fairplay 1500Lafont Fairplay 1500
Lafont Fairplay 1500 Sale price$495.00
Lafont Fairplay 8501Lafont Fairplay 8501
Lafont Fairplay 8501 Sale price$495.00
Lafont Fanchon 1504Lafont Fanchon 1504
Lafont Fanchon 1504 Sale price$495.00
Lafont Fanchon 3506Lafont Fanchon 3506
Lafont Fanchon 3506 Sale price$495.00
Lafont Fanchon 7506
Lafont Fanchon 7506 Sale price$495.00
Lafont Farnese 1077Lafont Farnese 1077
Lafont Farnese 1077 Sale price$495.00
Lafont Farnese 3135Lafont Farnese 3135
Lafont Farnese 3135 Sale price$495.00
Lafont Fauve 3132Lafont Fauve 3132
Lafont Fauve 3132 Sale price$445.00
Lafont Fauve 5160Lafont Fauve 5160
Lafont Fauve 5160 Sale price$445.00
Lafont Festival 1051Lafont Festival 1051
Lafont Festival 1051 Sale price$445.00
Lafont Film 3127Lafont Film 3127
Lafont Film 3127 Sale price$425.00
Lafont Film 4047Lafont Film 4047
Lafont Film 4047 Sale price$425.00
Lafont Film 5161Lafont Film 5161
Lafont Film 5161 Sale price$445.00
Lafont Film 6080
Lafont Film 6080 Sale price$425.00
Lafont Flore 2502Lafont Flore 2502
Lafont Flore 2502 Sale price$495.00
Lafont Flore 7504Lafont Flore 7504
Lafont Flore 7504 Sale price$495.00
Lafont Franklin 3048Lafont Franklin 3048
Lafont Franklin 3048 Sale price$425.00
Lafont Franklin 7039Lafont Franklin 7039
Lafont Franklin 7039 Sale price$425.00
Lafont Fuchsia 1501Lafont Fuchsia 1501
Lafont Fuchsia 1501 Sale price$495.00
Lafont Fuchsia 3504Lafont Fuchsia 3504
Lafont Fuchsia 3504 Sale price$495.00