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Balmain eyewear collection


Exclusive designer glasses for men and women

Balmain's exclusive collection of designer glasses for women is designed for women who want to feel confident that they are skillfully enhancing their features. Each pair of designer glasses from this range embodies the elegant and daring spirit which has characterized the house ever since it was founded over 75 years ago.

Each detail of Balmain’s designer eyewear for woman reveals the extensive craftsmanship behind its manufacture. Either the top quality titanium or plastic frames ensure great durability and a lightweight design, whilst the exquisite finish gives these glasses, made by the emblematic Parisian house, a touch of elegance.

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Product type
Product type
Balmain 1914 BPS PalladiumBalmain 1914 BPS Palladium
Balmain 1914 BPS Palladium Sale price$760.00
Balmain B Escape Black GoldBalmain B Escape Black Gold
Balmain B Escape Black Gold Sale price$900.00
Balmain B Escape Brown GoldBalmain B Escape Brown Gold
Balmain B Escape Brown Gold Sale price$790.00
Balmain B Escape Grey GoldBalmain B Escape Grey Gold
Balmain B Escape Grey Gold Sale price$790.00
Balmain B Grand Blue-GoldBalmain B Grand Blue-Gold
Balmain B Grand Blue-Gold Sale price$790.00
Balmain B Grand Brown-GoldBalmain B Grand Brown-Gold
Balmain B Grand Brown-Gold Sale price$790.00
Balmain B-III Black GoldBalmain B-III Black Gold
Balmain B-III Black Gold Sale price$760.00
Balmain B-V Black GoldBalmain B-V Black Gold
Balmain B-V Black Gold Sale price$600.00
Balmain B-VI Black BlackBalmain B-VI Black Black
Balmain B-VI Black Black Sale price$760.00
Balmain B-VI Black GoldBalmain B-VI Black Gold
Balmain B-VI Black Gold Sale price$760.00
Balmain B-VI Brown GoldBalmain B-VI Brown Gold
Balmain B-VI Brown Gold Sale price$760.00
Balmain Brigade I Gold BlackBalmain Brigade I Gold Black
Balmain Brigade III Black GreyBalmain Brigade III Black Grey
Balmain Brigade III Gold BlackBalmain Brigade III Gold Black
Balmain Brigade IV BPS 120ABalmain Brigade IV BPS 120A
Balmain Brigade IV BPS 120A Sale price$790.00
Balmain Brigade V BPS 142-BBalmain Brigade V BPS 142-B
Balmain Brigade V BPS 142-B Sale price$880.00
Balmain Envie Black GoldBalmain Envie Black Gold
Balmain Envie Black Gold Sale price$790.00
Balmain Envie Dark BrownBalmain Envie Dark Brown
Balmain Envie Dark Brown Sale price$790.00
Balmain Envie Grey GoldBalmain Envie Grey Gold
Balmain Envie Grey Gold Sale price$790.00
Balmain Escape BlackBalmain Escape Black
Balmain Escape Black Sale price$790.00
Balmain Escape Brown Swirl GoldBalmain Escape Brown Swirl Gold
Balmain Escape Grey Dark Grey Crystal GoldBalmain Escape Grey Dark Grey Crystal Gold
Balmain Fixe Gold BlackBalmain Fixe Gold Black
Balmain Fixe Gold Black Sale price$860.00
Balmain Fixe Gold BrownBalmain Fixe Gold Brown
Balmain Fixe Gold Brown Sale price$860.00
Balmain Fixe Silv BlueBalmain Fixe Silv Blue
Balmain Fixe Silv Blue Sale price$860.00
Balmain Imperial Grey Gold 145CBalmain Imperial Grey Gold 145C
Balmain Imperial Red Gold 145BBalmain Imperial Red Gold 145B
Balmain Legion Black-GoldBalmain Legion Black-Gold
Balmain Legion Black-Gold Sale price$760.00
Balmain Legion Blue SilverBalmain Legion Blue Silver
Balmain Legion Blue Silver Sale price$760.00
Balmain Monsieur Gold BlackBalmain Monsieur Gold Black
Balmain Monsieur Gold Black Sale price$975.00
Balmain Monsieur Gold BrownBalmain Monsieur Gold Brown
Balmain Monsieur Gold Brown Sale price$975.00
Balmain Monsieur Gold BrownBalmain Monsieur Gold Brown
Balmain Monsieur Gold Brown Sale price$975.00
Balmain O.R. Gold Black BPS-104Balmain O.R. Gold Black BPS-104
Balmain O.R. PalladiumBalmain O.R. Palladium
Balmain O.R. Palladium Sale price$1,140.00
Balmain Pierre Gold BlackBalmain Pierre Gold Black
Balmain Pierre Gold Black Sale price$880.00
Balmain Premier Gold BlackBalmain Premier Gold Black
Balmain Premier Gold Black Sale price$1,120.00
Balmain Premier Rose Gold BrownBalmain Premier Rose Gold Brown
Balmain Sentinelle I Brown GoldBalmain Sentinelle I Brown Gold