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Matsuda eyewear


Each of our designs is crafted by hand

Each of our designs is crafted by hand in the renowned eyewear workshops of Sabae, Japan - requiring up to two years and as many as 250 steps to bring to life. This is eyewear created through 50 years of experimentation and creative exploration: each frame reflecting a unique journey from concept to construction.

Using the finest metals in the world — titanium, stainless steel, sterling silver, and 18k solid gold — our master Japanese craftsmen transform raw materials into intricately detailed works of art, employing techniques few others would attempt: prioritizing quality over mass production.

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Product type
Matsuda M3105-D AGMatsuda M3105-D AG
Matsuda M3105-D AG Sale price$675.00
Matsuda M3105-D BGMatsuda M3105-D BG
Matsuda M3105-D BG Sale price$675.00
Matsuda M3105-D PWMatsuda M3105-D PW
Matsuda M3105-D PW Sale price$675.00
Matsuda M3110 AGMatsuda M3110 AG
Matsuda M3110 AG Sale price$775.00
Matsuda M3110 MBKMatsuda M3110 MBK
Matsuda M3110 MBK Sale price$775.00
Matsuda M3111 BGMatsuda M3111 BG
Matsuda M3111 BG Sale price$900.00
Matsuda M3111 PWMatsuda M3111 PW
Matsuda M3111 PW Sale price$900.00
Matsuda M3115 AG-DTOMatsuda M3115 AG-DTO
Matsuda M3115 AG-DTO Sale price$650.00
Matsuda M3115 AS-SOMatsuda M3115 AS-SO
Matsuda M3115 AS-SO Sale price$650.00
Matsuda M3116 PW-GRSMatsuda M3116 PW-GRS
Matsuda M3116 PW-GRS Sale price$775.00
Matsuda M3122 ASMatsuda M3122 AS
Matsuda M3122 AS Sale price$775.00
Matsuda M3122 MBKMatsuda M3122 MBK
Matsuda M3122 MBK Sale price$775.00
Matsuda M3122 MGPMatsuda M3122 MGP
Matsuda M3122 MGP Sale price$775.00
Matsuda M3124 BGBLKMatsuda M3124 BGBLK
Matsuda M3124 BGBLK Sale price$750.00
Matsuda M3124 BGMWMatsuda M3124 BGMW
Matsuda M3124 BGMW Sale price$750.00
Matsuda M3124 BSTOTMatsuda M3124 BSTOT
Matsuda M3124 BSTOT Sale price$750.00
Matsuda M3124 RGBDRMatsuda M3124 RGBDR
Matsuda M3124 RGBDR Sale price$750.00